Welcome to my website with much content transferred from my
  old web-pages hosted at


I wish to thank the Locomotive Model Shop web site for hosting this website in the past


Back in 2017 this message was shown on the above named website. As one can see things have changed.

After 47 years of trading and three owners, The Locomotive Model Shop has now put all trading on hold.  "It doesn't feel like 47 years since I started it all off in 1970", says Tom "It's feels more like yesterday"   and knowing Tom he will have an Ace up his sleeve to play when the time is right.  However we have not closed our doors for the last time. We are at a crossroads without a map or a signpost.  We will continue hosting several websites as we simply can't give up the site URL or our familiar name.  We'd like to say thank you to all the loyal customers that have supported us over the years.

After having a website at www.locomotive-model-shop.co.uk for more than a decade it has been decided by the committee to call it a day and they agreed to close down the website. Tom is generating a new website for his work and will host pages for the WMR Group who used to trade using the Locomotive Model Shop name.  The Group still have business interests and have asked Tom to look after their business.  The WMR Group is a not for profit organisation so Tom is doing the work on a volunteer basis.

Tom's final say on the subject: - We shall have to wait and see

  last updated on 08-03-2019